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OKS Alkaline Water Ionizer Countertop Water Ionizer:

Don't lets its small size fool you, we've packed in many advanced features. Source water varies in hardness and mineral content all across the country; the Alkaline Countertop Ionizer is the only ionizer on the market that has an adjustment for those TDS variations.

The OKS Alkaline Counter Top Ionizer features the coveted seven plate technology and advanced features such as scratch and the fade resistant control panel and an optional faucet.

Auto-adjust Functions:

Alkaline Water Ionizer can auto-adjust "the remaining water filter life", "the remaining water filter life" and "times of self-clean" according to your water quality. You will have your own water ionizer, not everyone's water ionizer.

PH Consistency:

Adjusts the Electrolysis Amperage Automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent

The remaining water filter life:

  • The remaining water filter life will be auto-adjusted according to your water quality.
  • LCD displays how much the remaining water filter life, so it is ensure by always changing your filter on time.

Water supplies can vary a lot from area to area in your country. Because of this difference in source water, an ionizer at the same alkaline settings will produce different alkaline levels; a filter in the different water quality condition will have different filter life; self-clean in different water quality condition will have different frequency of self-cleaning.

Self-clean function

The outstanding water ionizer includes the patented TSCF (triple self-clean function) system. This function can remove scale from the electrolytic cell successfully.

Industry Design:

  • The compact size and elegant design is suitable for kitchen.
  • Audio voice speaks the machine activity and settings as you change them or choose relaxing piano music

Product Properties

Properties of the OKS Alkaline Water Ionizer

Flow Rate
Filter Life
Water Pressure
Power Consumption

Main Unit: 4.72 inches deep x 8.86 inches wide x 13 inches tall
1.5 to 2 liters per minute at 45 PSI water pressure
11 lb
20000 L (approx.: 6 - 9 month of use)
5 - 40 degree Celsius
0.8 - 6.0 kg/cm2
220V / 50Hz 110V / 6Hz
5w - 150w
Silver-adding Fiber Activated Carbon filter (Lead Reduction)

Product Features

OKS Alkaline Countertop Ionizer Features

  1. Seven (7) electrode of titanium nano platinum titanium
  2. 7 sections water quality micro-adjust function: 4 alkaline water and 1 neutral water and 2 acidic water
  3. Voice message: Chinese and English language, real person pronunciation.
  4. Flow rate detection and heat sensor to prevent excessive usage. Alarm message in case of low flux. Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow
  5. Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature
  6. LCD displays filter life, pH-value, clock, time, over-heated water temperature alarm and malfunction alarm
  7. Use Silver-adding Fiber Activated Carbon Filter (Lead reduction): remove lead ions from old pipes and silver-adding could anti-bacteria
  8. Intellectual LOCK keypad: Micro-adjust and pH-value locked to prevent kids and older adults mistakable drinking
  9. Low water pressure shown on display
  10. Latest designed panel: Anti-UV, free of leaking, abrasion and scratch, fast color, easy to clean and all-in-one (keypad and panel)
  11. Easy change the filter cartridge from left case
  12. Comes with pH testing of solution and color chart
  13. Easy installation of unit next to or over the sink
  14. Wall-mounted option
  15. Fully automated system using Printed Circuit Board
  16. Reduced mineral deposits using Self-Wash system
  17. Filtration of diverse pollutants and microorganisms using high-quality filter
  18. Calcium may be added through an exterior opening, extending the range of pH selection

Remove lead, anti-bacterial fiber activated carbon Filter

  • Removing lead ions is able to eliminate lead and heavy mental in the old plumbing
  • Adsorption volume ability is 20 times than activated carbon
  • Adsorption area ability is 150 times than activated carbon
  • Adsorption speed is 10 times than activated carbon
  • Anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon


Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Chamber

  • The electrode of titanium nano platinum clan component.
  • High quality ceramic ion exchange membrane
  • The design of rectangular electrolysis chamber slows the flow time and increase electrolysis ability


OKS Alkaline electrode magnified 5000 times photo

  • Fritting at many levels will not come off
  • Ceramic attitude surface of micro-structure.
  • The electrolytic effective surface areas is large
  • Frit close degree match with electrolytic icon. It is wrong to hydrolysis the ability of leaving


Other Brands electrode magnified 5000 times photo

  • The electrolytic surface area is small
  • Electrolytic ORP value is easy to decline
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Alkaline Water Ionizer strives to exceed customer expectations with our high-quality water ionizer and service; providing jobs to the community as well as the best dealer program and support in the water ionizer industry.

It is our goal to improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible through the use of OKS Alkaline Water Ionizer products.
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